Vegetable Disinfection Machine

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Color: Blue


Size: 3000mAh


Portable Fruit Vegetable Washing Machine USB Wireless Automatic for Cleaning Rice Meat Food Purifier Removes Pesticide Residues Kitchen Utensils.
The host is waterproof, no water leakage, safer to use
Using water as raw material, deeply removes pesticide residues, quickly decomposes hormones without damaging food taste and nutrition, and has a sterilization effect of 99.9%
Portable and compact, suitable for business trips or camping, outdoor travel, etc.
Flexible rotation for easy disassembly and cleaning. Keep food fresh.
Wide range of uses: Vegetable and fruit washing machines are widely used to clean tableware, fruits and vegetables, kitchen utensils, bottles, rice, fish, meat, seafood, food, etc.

 Package List: Washing Machine*1USB Cable *1English Manual*1