Smart Security Padlock

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Type: padlock


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Special Features

Upgrade your security system with the Smart Home Fingerprint Lock. Experience the convenience of keyless entry, advanced biometric technology, and Bluetooth connectivity. Protect your home and belongings with cutting-edge security features.

Enhanced Security: The Smart Home Fingerprint Lock provides advanced security features, including anti-theft technology and tamper alerts. Rest assured that your home and belongings are protected against unauthorized access and potential theft.

Easy Installation: Installing the Smart Home Fingerprint Lock is a breeze. It fits standard door lock configurations and can be easily installed by following the provided instructions. No additional wiring or complicated setup required.

Charging Security Protection: The Smart Home Fingerprint Lock is equipped with a long-lasting rechargeable battery, ensuring continuous operation without worrying about frequent battery replacements. Charging is convenient and easy, providing reliable security protection for your home or belongings.

Bluetooth Connectivity: Some models of the Smart Home Fingerprint Lock feature Bluetooth connectivity. This allows you to connect your smartphone to the lock, giving you remote control capabilities. You can lock or unlock your door from a distance, providing added convenience and peace of mind.