Respiratory Care

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How do Breathing Exercises help?

The handheld breathing exercise devices improve lung health. Due to asthma attacks and prolonged illness, the lungs become frail. They can be strengthened by using these respiratory exercises, which help keep the lungs active and the airways free from contraction.

Such Breathing exercises help expand the alveoli (air sacs in the lungs) and release excess mucus from its surface. It helps prevent any fluid build-up in the lung and keeps the air passages free.

The breathing or respiratory exercises have an indirect positive effect on several disorders that may result from improper breathing. You may not be able to cure asthma by practices that will help you manage it better. Use such devices along with doctor’s advice.

  • It is necessary to maintain hygiene while using this device, especially owing to the fact that you are recovering from an ailment.
  • This exerciser is easy to wash.
  • Innovative design, can be dis-assembled into parts for cleaning and removing infection.

         Cleaning Instructions:-

  • Remove the corrugated tube and breathing connector from the transparent chamber.
  • Now, Turn the chamber upside down and pull the base upward direction to disassemble the transparent chamber.
  • Remove all the balls placed inside the chamber and clean with disinfecting agent.
  • After cleaning, inserts the balls into the transparent chamber in the following manner;

         B for Blue- 600cc/sec. chamber
         Y for yellow- 900cc/sec. chamber
         R for red- 1200cc/sec. chamber

  • Fix the corrugated tube and breathing connector to the transparent chamber.