Rezaba neck massager

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REZABA neck massager pillow can improve the blood  circulation of the neck and shoulder, relax muscles, relieve the fatigue and open up the meridians

It's not only pillow for neck and shoulder massager but also a travel pillow. 



✓ Reduces muscle pressure and relieves neck pain.

✓ Relieves cervical discomfort caused by work fatigue.

✓ Enhances blood circulation.

✓ Relax your muscle

✓  Reduce your stress

✓   Support and massaging your neck while traveling

✓ Promote a better sleep

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Incremental 3 vibration intensities for neck pain relief.(low/middle/high)

2 massage modes for you choose.(Massage direction)

Designs of 360-degree surround and U-shape Ergonomic, give your maximum neck support.

Softy suede fabric and 100% Memory Foam Papping, is best touch for you.

lightweight and portable: easy to use in office, travel...

Low noise motor for a quiet resting time making it a perfect travel pillow!

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