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Multifunctional Fresh Juice Blender

This innovative juicer from MONDA allows you to drop whole ingredients into the extra-wide feed chute, so you get the maximum amount of juice with minimal prep time. Create healthy juice-bar specialties with the ultra-efficient machine, which extracts juice from fruit, vegetables and herbs while maintaining the most beneficial nutrients. Ideal for everything from juicing to making smoothies, sorbet and baby food, it has an extra-wide feed tube with a flip gate that accommodates whole ingredients to streamline prep.

  • Whole-food juicer uses slow-speed masticating technology to extract the most beneficial vitamins and enzymes from fresh produce.
  • Two-stage, low-speed system crushes ingredients then presses them to produce the highest juice yield – without aerating juice.
  • Ideal for juicing all types of produce from delicate herbs, leafy greens and ripe berries to crunchy carrots and apples.
  • Two-way, extra-wide feed tube with flip gate accommodates whole ingredients, minimizing prep time.
  • Includes blank strainer for frozen sorbet.
  • Sleek leather-like housing adds style to kitchen counters.
  • Ultra-durable stainless-steel, ABS, Ultem and plastic construction.