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Automatic Kids Domino Train

Our domino train blocks set brings your child a different gaming experience. Line them up with the help of a domino train and start a chain reaction. According to the child's spatial thinking ability, build the domino track you want.

 Our domino train blocks set are made of high-quality ABS with smooth edges. Battery Powered - Batteries not included. Decorated with non-toxic paint, these plastic block dominoes are safe and will not fade. This set is safe for children. Each edge of the arc-shaped dominoes is smooth and polished without burrs, making the dominoes smooth to the touch.

 The domino train blocks set can automatically lay domino routes to add more fun to the domino game. Each domino will be separated by 1.5 cm, and the small train will issue cards from the rear of the train when it is running, and children can also put them on their own. There are also realistic train sound effects for children's fun.

 When kids play this domino train blocks set, it will provide kids with a high level of concentration, exercise their hand-eye coordination, patience, creativity and divergent thinking. Our dominoes encourage children's spatial thinking skills and color recognition skills to keep your little engineers coming back for more fun.

 This domino train blocks set is an educational toy as well as a fun toy, especially if you and your kids/grandchildren are fans of domino racing, it can also be used as a Christmas gift, Halloween gift, birthday surprise for kids and Jigsaw puzzles, give children a happy entertainment time