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Bluetooth Earphone Cleaning

  • 7 In 1 Multi-function Cleaning Kit: This keyboard cleaning kit including airpod cleaner pen (with silicone nib, earbud brush and flocking sponge swab), soft and retractable keyboard cleaning brush, keycap buckle, sparyer bottle, and screen cleaning flannelette on back side.
  • Foldable Airpods Cleaning Pen: Silicone nib and earbud brush can clean the hard-to-clean metal mesh and ear cap on the earphone without scratching the body. Flocking sponge swab can clean the earphone charging chamber. The foldable design, easy to use and does not take up space.
  • Screen Sprayer And Cleaning Flannelette: suitable for screen cleaning of mobile phones, ipad, computers, TVs, monitors and other electronic devices, without scratching the screen.
  • Retractable Soft Keyboard Brush and Keycap Buckle: You can use the keycap buckle to remove the keys, and then use the keyboard brush to clean it, very easy. Frequent cleaning of your keyboard not only improves personal hygiene but also extends the life of your keyboard. The keyboard brush can also be used for any other electronic equipment that needs to be cleaned.
  • Small Size, Great Use, Easy to Storage and Carry: All the above cleaning tools are gathered in this small box, 7.87 x 4.72 x 0.79 inches, you can easily carry it with you or in a drawer, ready to use. This electronics cleaning kit will be a very great gift for anyone who likes to use electronics always.