Automatic™ AB Roller

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Designed for comfort and ease of use, this Intelligent Ab roller body building will allow get your six pack faster. Featuring with automatic rebound, rechargeable design, detachable and easy to assemble.

The smart automatic ab roller is efficient to activate and strengthen your muscles in different parts, including ab, arm, chest, back, leg. Not only for strength training, but also beneficial for core balance control, suitable for both men and women. 

 Rechargeable design: there is a type-c charge port on the ab roller for charging, no battery waste, ECO- friendly 


1.8M long rebound range and intelligent bounce: The rebound distance is long, even taller people can use it and it has an intelligent bounce.


High quality steel spring: Use high-quality stainless-steel springs more durable, longer elongation distance and more powerful rebound.


Multifunctional real time display: there’s a LCD display to show the exercise duration, cumulative count, Calories and smart chip record data.

 Five-layer material: the external encapsulation process prevents the floor from scratching 

 Detachable Design: Super easy to assemble and disassemble

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