Rose Love Heart Mirror

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Emitting Color: Heart

Emitting Color


The Galaxy Enchanted Rose glass dome represents Faith in Love Forever. It is a special way of telling her or him "Love you more as time goes by".

INCREDIBLE OPTICAL EFFECTS: Magic Mirror creates illuminated effects with LED lights embedded around your mesmerizing mirrors to show off some truly amazing optical effects!

GREAT FOR A PARTY: Now you can add drama and interest to any room with Infinity Optics! You can display Infinite Optics on any desk or take advantage of its mounting base on the wall of the keyhole for a truly stunning effect.

CREATES AN ILLUSION: Infinity Optics features LED lighting that give the illusion of hundreds of bright lights with impossible depth. Stay at your desk to have fun in the office.

 PERFECT GIFT: For Valentine’s day, children's room, weddings, birthdays, Christmas parties, or special occasions. The Infinite Mirror of Light can be placed on anywhere in your room. Features easy EM Off. Brighten the room with ambient light!